Michael, Class of 2005

“As I prepare to graduate from college, my passions for learning Spanish, working in poor communities in Latin America, and the development of a deep, personal spiritual life can all be traced back to seeds planted at St. Norbert. Whether it was 6th grade Social Studies, all-school masses on Wednesday mornings, or the book fair, St. Norbert challenged me to learn about the world and my role in it. It provides a wonderful opportunity for children, like myself, to learn and grow in a diverse community. I am so thankful to my parents for making this investment in my formation.”

Andrew, Class of 2002

“St. Norbert provided an excellent foundation for my life, both academically and spiritually. The faith foundation that St. Norbert built for me with daily prayer, weekly mass, and service opportunities has been very influential in my development during high school, college, and young adulthood.

Academically, St. Norbert challenged me and I entered high school well ahead of my peers in math and reading comprehension. My teachers, especially in junior high, introduced my classmates and I to concepts that many students did not encounter until high school or college. Whether it was reading classics like The Diary of Anne Frank and John Steinbeck novels or advanced geometry and algebra, we were uniquely prepared for both high school and college.

The results prove that St. Norbert provided something special to my classmates and I that helped us succeed. My 2010 graduating class at Saint Louis University included seven other members of my St. Norbert graduating class and each of us had various academic scholarships to college from our high school academic and service accolades.”

Pat and Mary, Parents of Class of 2010 and 2013 students

“We are the parents of two children, one currently in high school and one attending St Norbert. As our daughter works her way through her 8th grade year we find ourselves reflecting on the experience and their preparedness to enter high school. Having the benefit of already seeing how high school is working out for our son, we now realize the investment in their education has given them a head start on their secondary education. Primarily you hope that your children will be ready to grasp the more rigorous challenges of high school course work, and from our experience, St. Norbert has that covered. I can’t tell you how many times we have heard High School educators say “we can tell who the St Norbert kids are”.

In addition to educating good students the grade school experience has molded them to be good people. There is not a curriculum in place for that, as the key to this success belongs to the St. Norbert community they are surrounded by everyday. Inspired by examples of faith, encouraged by an environment that serves others, and motivated by a desire to excel academically.

We have no doubt that we made the right choice for our kids.

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